Latent spirit of the place

The power generated by the place is a kind of organization and corresponding relationship that contains the building objects, including the activities that occur in the place and the experience feedback it gives to people.

The activity is a new continuous relationship within architectural objects and their combination, constructed from the someone or others in it.

The new experience of place comes from the physical and the psychological feeling of participating in the activity, or the familiarity in a place is increased by returning and staying to it.

In the process of feedback and recognition, different judgments with values will be produced. There are the positive and negative dimension. The positive usually comes from the recognition of the event or the experience of the place; the negative is the occurrence of bad things, or the cost of efforts is not enough to correspond to the experience or feedback gained.

Latent spirit is the human activity.

This makes the place and the activity inseparable, and the spirit of a place is the spirit of the activity, people give spiritual feedback each other. The objects of architecture at this time form a kind of condensation, a kind of flowing instant.